I am here to help you create structure in your IT

I am a versatile IT professional with expertise in development, design, architecture, and leadership. I can help you build your website or application, make it look fantastic, publish it, and even build the team and infrastructure that is needed to get it done.


I started my journey in the Netherlands, where I pursued a bachelor’s degree in applied sciences (Business Information Management) at Enschede.


After my studies, I moved to the South of Spain and served entrepreneurs who were also following their unconventional dreams for the next 20 years.

Career at the big shots

Later, I found a new challenge in Munich at ottonova, where I started as a senior software engineer. It was a real challenging work as they were the first to fully digitalize the private health insurance in Germany. I was promoted to team lead software engineering at the first opportunity, and only a year later, I built and led a new cross-functional team. At the same time, I was the tech lead to bring BKV (Betriebliche Krankenversicherung) to ottonova.

After 3.5 years, I became the Head of Development at XPAY, a promising startup that sells branded loyalty debit cards. Among others, they created a special shiny metal card for Sakia Dietz, a MasterChef Italy card, and a FoodCard together with telepizza. I was in charge of structuring the IT teams and brought their infrastructure to the next level with event-driven microservices for real-time processing of payments.

The job at XPAY was very challenging, as was their financial status. Unfortenatly, they had the same destiny as a lot of other startups with great ideas and I found myself back at ottonova. First as a senior software engineer and after two months once again as a software engineering manager.


I have learned a lot over the years. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with others, and this site is a great platform for that.

I choose a skill I want to be good at, do the research, and get my hands dirty while experimenting to uncover its principles.

So, how can I help you?

Whether you need help with software architecture, development, or building teams, I am here to help. I have experience as a Tech Lead, and Head of Development, and I am confident that I can be your CTO helping you achieve your goals.

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