PhpStorm PSR-11 Container Interface Code Completion

Easily add code completion for PSR-11 Container Interface in PhpStorm.

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PhpStorm PSR-11 Container Interface Code Completion

Updated with support for PSR-11 Container Interface and use the new 2016.2+ PHPSTORM_META format.

For a long time I’ve been wondering how to make code completion work in PhpStorm for dependency containers. These containers used the Interop\Container\ContainerInterface and since February 2017 it’s accepted by PHP-Fig as PSR-11 and use the Psr\Container\ContainerInterface. I know there is a plugin for Symfony projects that works nicely. However I couldn’t figure out how to make something like that work outside a Symfony project. Lately I’ve been building some projects on top of Zend Expressive and it’s really frustrating not having code completion. Until today…

I guess the past half year I didn’t ask the right question to google because this morning it suddenly showed up. It turns out be be really easy. All you need is a .phpstorm.meta.php file in your project root, configure it a bit and the magic is there again.


 * PhpStorm code completion
 * Add code completion for PSR-11 Container Interface and more...

namespace PHPSTORM_META {

    use Interop\Container\ContainerInterface as InteropContainerInterface;
    use Psr\Container\ContainerInterface as PsrContainerInterface;
    use Psr\Http\Message\ServerRequestInterface;
    use PSR7Session\Http\SessionMiddleware;
    use PSR7Session\Session\SessionInterface;

    // Old Interop\Container\ContainerInterface
            '' => '@',

    // PSR-11 Container Interface
            '' => '@',

    // PSR-7 requests attributes; e.g. PSR-7 Storage-less HTTP Session
            SessionMiddleware::SESSION_ATTRIBUTE instanceof SessionInterface,

The magic happens here: '' == '@'. It tries to resolve anything to a valid class. So now you can do this:

$template = $container->get(Zend\Expressive\Template\TemplateRendererInterface::class);

This does not work for custom strings like 'logger'. You need to add those manually like this: 'logger' instanceof \Psr\Log\LoggerInterface. Once it is added you also have auto completion for that:

$logger = $this->container->get('logger');
$logger->info('Code completion test for strings');

Obviously this only works for projects that support the PSR-11 Container Interface. And otherwise you can most likely change the config file a bit and make it work for the dependency container you use. More info on how to use this can be found on the JetBrains site.