The Present

Right now, I am…

Last tended

… health insurance

Since January 2020 I am working at ottonova, bringing digital health insurance to Germany. I enjoy working in a team and it turns out it’s something I missed the passed years as a freelancer. Since 2021 I’m a team lead of a cross functional team. First started with B2C topics and since 2022 concentrating on B2B and building a platform as a service for brokers and partners. When I have time I contribute to our PHP backend services and once in a while I break the frontend with my Angular contributions. Because health insurance is so complex and most stuff is build in house, there is never a boring day.

… working on side projects

Besides contributing to laminas and mezzio, there are not many side projects going on at the moment.

… working on a client project

Once in a while I’m still building a PHP based API server powered by mezzio. Its purpose is to feed configuration and content to several company websites, auction sites and webshops, all build with Angular. ## … doing sports when not working This may include, but is not limited to, mountain biking, (trail) running, yoga and diving.

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